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With over 30 years of equine experience, Friesian Grin offers the finest Friesian and Friesian Cross horses for sale. Our breeding program focuses on conformation, movement and above all, the wellbeing of the horse. We are down-to-earth, friendly and fair with our clients. You may initially contact us as a potential customer but leave with lifetime friends and a great resource for your future equine endeavors.

Friesian Grin, in partnership with Hemlock Ridge Farms is an equine exposition, breeding and training venture. Proprietors, Brooke Pape and Victoria Kiesner are childhood friends who just happen to be insanely horse crazy…much to their husband’s despair.

Vicky and Brooke met when they were both in grade school. Brooke’s mother, Willow, introduced the two girls and they became fast friends. They rode bareback all over the countryside of Door County WI. They took the horses swimming in the bay and jumped over anything that got in their path...unbeknownst to their parents. Vicky swears-to-this-day that this is where she learned to stick like glue to a horses back.

With this lifetime horse obsession, both women have found their niche within the horse world. Vicky is an amazing horse midwife and foal trainer. She specializes in imprinting, groundwork and has a firm, but very loving, way with young horses. Hemlock Ridge Farm located in Kewaunee WI, is owned by the Kiesner family and acts as the nursery for the herd.

Brooke is versatile in many different riding disciplines but has a love for classical dressage. When horses reach riding age, they are brought to Brooke’s facility in Milwaukee WI where they are started under saddle. The great work the Kiesner family does makes Brooke’s job much easier. Along with training horses Brooke gives riding lessons, introduces the young horses to the show ring and is the Show and Expo Coordinator for Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International.

Why the name “Friesian Grin?”
If you have to ask, then you haven’t gotten the chance to ride one! You can’t help but smile when you’re astride one of these flashy, overgrown, ponies. If you love horses, you’ll find that this love is exponentially multiplied when you ride a Friesian! What lovely animals!

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