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Punchinello - 1/2 Friesian

Sire: Thunder Valley Danny (Friesain)
General Impressions (Anglo-Arab/QH)
Sex: Gelding
DOB: 6/2/2004
Height: 16.1 hh
Price: Contact Us

Update - 10/10/10 - We are happy to announce that Puncinello has more folks to love him! Peggy and Peter are currently leasing Mr. Punch and they are fastly becoming his biggest fans. Though he is still for sale, Friesian Grin will consider only "perfect" families for this guy.

Punch is currently working at Training Level Dressage and has done many Expos including Horse-A-Rama in Manitowoc WI and the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison WI.

This lovely horse is trick trained to bow and Spanish walk. He loves going camping and trail riding but enjoys playing "My Pretty Pony" more. Due to a metabolic disease, (EPSM) that doesn't allow him to utilize starch and sugar for muscle fuel, he is on a special high-fat diet that keeps the disease maintained.

Because of Punch's special needs he must go to a special family. If you answer yes to the following questions, Punch may be the horse for you!

Are you able to limit the grazing a horse does during the day?
Are able to provide a low starch/sugar feed along with 2 lbs of fat per day?
Are you able to excersise a horse at least every-other-day?
Can you provide a horse with daily turnout for as much of the day as possible (8-10hrs)?
Are you looking for a teddy-bear type horse who wants to cuddle?
Do you like a long, beautiful mane that flows in the wind?

Punch loads and trailers wonderfully. He loves baths and stands for the clippers. This guy begs for attention and walks right up to you in the pasture.

If you're looking for a wonderful teacher and riding companion, please contact us!

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